30 January 2011

HIBISCUS and the competition

Tomorrow will be the last day and the dateline for the drawing competition about 'BUNGA RAYA' or in English they called it HIBISCUS.

Red 'Bunga Raya' is the National Flower of Malaysia.

I am not sure I can make it by tomorrow or not and submit it to the organizer office before 5p.m.

By the way, this is some part of the painting (water color on paper) that will be submit tomorrow to be share with the blog reader~

Winning or not is not an issue.

I just want to draw and do my painting just because I want to. If I win, then it is a bonus to me :)

Just let the judges and professional do their job.

If I cannot make it and send it to the organizer office before 5 p.m. also ok. The drawing will be part of my collection, then :)

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